Leidel/Longchamp Band History

Here is a brief synopsis of the CD:

Working Man contains "Keep your feet Movin' Ahead". A Texas song which was tribute to Harry's Dad - "When You Come Home" a message song that rocked. "She's a Flyer" and "One More Night" were two of their barroom standards all Harry's bands used. The Knife Song," written for that Seattle girl who constantly pushed Harry to write ever more complicated songs that finally drove him to write this song, for sure his most cryptic song ever. Then "Politician Man" which is different for each listener about who it's about. The CD rocks with Longchamp's awesome leads and Harry's impassioned music and singing. With a tiny budget, Harry engineering for the first time, caught the essence of Leidel/Longchamp THE BAND not the Duo.

In ending, I hope this gives you a look into the best most original Rock Duo I had the pleasure to ever see.
Mike Rugen
Consultant to Rugen Productions

1. Keep Your Feet Movin' Ahead

2. Politician Man

3. Lovin' Eyes

4. The Knife Song

5. Nickelodeon Girl

6. She's a Flyer

7. Back to Kiev

8. One More Night

9. The Rocket

10. Baby the World's Gone Mad

11. When You Come Home

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