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Catch Harry's music on Radio Airplay (Jango).

Harry has over 1000 first time fans of his music and out of those another 400 are fans of multiple songs. Harry finally received knee surgery and will be back playing in about two months. So go out and catch him in Austin at one of the many clubs where Harry will play his strong original songs.

This WEB SITE has been designed to familiarize people with my music. There are four diverse CDs that may be downloaded. Each of the individual CD showcases a slightly different form of my unique writing style and musicality.

Harry Leidel

I am currently hoping to place songs with either Texas or Nashville artists for my up-tempo guitar -driven Rock/country. I have songs for either male or female vocalists. The songs have been played in many fashions so they are adaptable for those songwriters that are looking for quality songs with breakthrough potential. If your a songwriter who has done a number of albums are in a Band that is not moving ahead I can help with my songs which should give your Band a kick start back up.

I am also going back to concentrate playing solo which I have already done in Texas. I feel there is a very good opportunity here in Austin, Texas to make a name for myself , get my songs heard and for people to hear my diverse working class lyrics mixed with fast paced Rythmn Guitar different than I would say than anyone here in Austin. It will be more Acoustic Rock than Folk more drinking music than easy listening.

I hope to see you at upcoming shows. I also have songs available on RugenSongs.com, for artists needing / looking for fresh new material. If interested, contact me at rugenpro@aol.com

First to my WebMaster StuMan, without whom these sites would not exist.

A special thanks to the lead guitarist, on my last CD "Best of Leidel CD 2013, to Pat Jones for not only adding leads, but adding the best original rhythm guitar playing of any guitarist I ever played with and never stepping on a song to show off his lead prowess. His total purpose was adding to the song which made that CD my most contemporary. I only regret not playing with him on my more complicated songs live, he would have added a lot to those shows. It also has songs that got the most positive feedback in Nashville when sent out on their own and got more songs to artists in Nashville than I had before. To be released in the coming weeks on CD Baby and other Digital Venues.

A thanks also goes to Scott Staton, who engineered the Duo Leidel/Longchamp CD, the Lone Wolf CD and the NPC CD and who added his influences and made the songs sound better. Scott has his own record company which you should check out stoopiddaddyrecords.com.

And finally, thanks to my excellent Bass Player/songwriter Dave Bryan, whose songs and bass playing added greatly to the Lone Wolf Band and to the NPC CD, and thanks too to the Rockin 'Barnharts, who together with Dave's songs, playing, and harmonies and with drummer John Kemble’s vocals made the Barnharts a favorite band to play in and also the tightest band by far I had the pleasure to play in. My great regret is we were not able to ever get the quality equipment to do a live recording of the Band. We have recordings but they are not up to the quality of the musician ship. It also was a band without egos everyone play as hard on their songs as for someone else's which in a cover band area you needed that type playing to make a successful original band instead of one of the many cover bands. The cover bands crowds knew each song, so an adequate rendition was good enough. You had to play very good to make an original band work. This band did that and just stood out as a great live band.


Harry Leidel

Need help with your music and/or song writing? Check out Rugen Songs.

CDs are available:
LEIDEL End of Ear Records and Cheapo's Discs
Leidel/Longchamp "Working Man" @ CD Baby
As well as a number of the other services they work with including I. Tunes.
Please go to those sites to buy the CD or songs.

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